ComiXpo is all about the fans. The sci-fi and fantasy genre is made up of tens of thousands of different species including Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Batman, RoboCop, Pacman, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Transformers, Spider-Man, etc. – you get the drift.

Of course within each of these groups there’s millions of mad keen collectors, cosplayers, gamers, closet hobbyists, and parents handing over the hard-earned for toy crazed kids. We want to see where all these collectables live. Are they on your shelf, in a display cabinet, crammed into a closet, overflowing in the garage, or in a specialty built room or shed? Send us your photos with a short description on what you like collect and why and we’ll showcase all the best fan merchandise right here for the rest of the world to see. We’re currently planning fan centric meet-and-greets, collectable swaps, open nights, and much more, so make sure you sign-up to our newsletter and stay tuned for further details.

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Jack Poggi

For Jack, collecting is a hobby that began when he was just twelve years old – around the same time he really started to get into pop culture. Now researching, sourcing, and purchasing collectable items is a major highlight in Jack’s life. Says Jack, ‘Vintage toys hold so much history within them and are just awesome to display. They also make great conversation starters.’ For Jack collecting is also an investment which, he hopes, will be profitable in the future, ‘If i was to ever to sell them.’ Jack is in to all sorts of collectables from trading cards to figurines and he doesn’t care if they are old or new, ‘As long as it’s a theme I love such as Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Motu etc.’ Jack is also hoping to pick up some more valuable collectables at the upcoming ComiXpo Toy Fairs to add to his already impressive display.

Bailey Barton

Collector and enthusiast Bailey is almost ten years old and loves to collect primarily POP figures. Bailey estimates there is about 150 in his collection including quite a number of exclusive ones on display all around his room. Naturally he’s chasing many more to add to his collection, especially signed ones. His favourites include the Predator and Alien. Bailey also has the Suicide Squad except for Dr Harley and the Joker but he’s hoping to get them at the next ComiXpo convention. Bailey plans on keeping his POPs for a very long time as well as adding to his collection. He also loves playing on his PS4 and doing video tubing as well as collecting great posters.

Bailey Barton 01