Seeing cosplayers dressed in their finest is one of the main reasons people go to pop culture events. Unfortunately many of these events sting cosplayers money to enter the venue and even more money to enter the cosplay competitions. Well not ComiXpo! At each of our events we offer FREE cosplay fashion parades with certificates and prizes for each category along with a special cosplay only area where you can chill out and talk-the-talk. To us, cosplayers are part of the show, so why should you pay to participate?

During ComiXpo 6.0 we will be opening a special section for cosplayers and all those interested in the art of dressing up. The area will be located not far from the main entrance and throughout the day it will feature a central and safe place for you to meet and greet; engage with discussion groups; and learn the tricks and tips of being part of the ComiXpo Cosplay Group. A timetable of what’s planned will be released just prior to the event and announced on Facebook.

The ComiXpo Cosplay Group was formed to attract and promote enthusiastic cosplayers keen to mingle in a society of like-minded individuals willing to share tips and secrets while gaining respect and understanding from the wider pop culture community. We’re planning some major cosplay events upgrades so if you’re interested in joining in please register your interest via the ComiXpo Cosplay Group Facebook page where you can also share your thoughts and photos with our ever expanding cosplay family.