Here at ComiXpo we have only one cosplay rule – have fun. All cosplayers young and old are welcome to attend ComiXpo. We don’t charge you to enter, we don’t throw rules and regulations at you, and we won’t make you feel like an exhibit. To us you are part of the show! The public love seeing cosplayers at our events. Kids faces light up when they see their heroes in the flesh. If you take the time to make a costume or have invested hard earned cash in buying one then why not show it off?

During ComiXpo 5.0 (around midday) we, and our co-host the Southeast Cosplay Society, will encourage all cosplayers in attendance to join in the fun with a free-to-enter fashion parade. Our judges will be looking for attention to detail, difficulty level, materials used, workmanship, handmade versus purchased, and how well cosplayers are engaging the general public. All section winners and runners-up receive prizes and certificates. Our cosplay categories include:

• Master of Cosplay (for the more complex cosplay)
• Best Novice Cosplay (for first timers and rookies)
• Crowd Pleaser Cosplay (best response from the audience/interactivity)

• Best Dressed Cosplay (for ages 13 to 19)

• Best Dressed Cosplay (for ages 0 to 12)

The ComiXpo judges will also be awarding encouragement certificates to other best dressed participants and those who deserve an honourable mention. So if you have a costume tucked away in your wardrobe dust it off and come along to ComiXpo 5.0 on Sunday 4 March 2018. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest cosplay news. Note: Prior to the lunchtime ComiXpo 5.0 Cosplay Fashion Parade we will be handing out personally named and signed certificates to all the winners, runners-up, and special mentions from our ComiXpo 4.0 event.


While our lunchtime ComiXpo Cosplay Fashion Parades are free to enter we do require a few details so we can properly announce your name and character when you walk on stage. Giving us some background to your costume allows us to place you in the right category. All winners receive a prize and certificate, while all runners-up receive a certificate. As these are printed with your name and character after the event, and then mailed to you, we need a postal address as well. So in the Tell us about your cosplay section please add (1) your mailing address; (2) whether your cosplay was handmade or store bought, or a bit of both (we’re happy with all answers); (3) your age if you are nineteen or under; (4) where your character comes from; and (5) any cosplay Facebook or Instagram accounts you have so we can promote your character.



• Adult Master of Cosplay
– Winner: Grayham Lockhart Predator
– Runner Up: Emma-Jane Stephenson Mei

• Adult Best Novice Cosplay
– Winner: Lara Ratten Jedi Knight
– Runner Up: Pat, Jenny, and Kellie Mystery Inc.

• Adult Crowd Pleaser Cosplay
Winner: Peter Joshua Gender Bend Tracer
– Runner Up: Jordon Shome Spider-man

• Adult Most Impressive Cosplay
– Special Mention: Mick Supergirl
– Special Mention: Mikey Orc
– Special Mention: Jemmer Hades
– Special Mention: Charles Taylor Pinhead
– Special Mention: Chris Bierman Green Arrow

• Kids Best Dressed Cosplay
– Winner: Elowise Godfrey Steampunk Alice
– Runner-Up: Georgia Burke Shiro

• Kids Most Impressive Cosplay
– Special Mention: Beth Hudson Aquamarine
– Special Mention: Ripley Ivan Winter Soldier
– Special Mention: Tiara Raffoul Female Joker


• Adult Master of Cosplay
– Winner: Tam Tran Mech from Avatar
– Runner Up: Kristian Schutz Zuko

• Adult Best Novice Cosplay
– Winner: Mason Freeman Joker
– Runner Up: Danie Carson Wonder Woman

• Adult Crowd Pleaser Cosplay
Winner: Sam Schubert Superman
– Runner Up: Jen Stosser Dalek

• Adult Most Impressive Cosplay
– Special Mention: George Christodoulou Shadow
– Special Mention: Walter Bolitho Whiplash
– Special Mention: Rintaro Tomita-Duarte Sub-Zero
– Special Mention: Samm Williams Deathstroke

• Kids Best Dressed Cosplay
– Winner: Jessica Pardo Harley Quinn
– Runner-Up: Felix Ivan Marty McFly

• Kids Most Impressive Cosplay
– Special Mention: Ben Webb Ghostbuster


• Adult Master of Cosplay
– Winner: Sean Atk Iron Man

• Adult Best Novice Cosplay
– Winner: Natalie Parham Cinderella
– Runner Up: Kellie Bolitho Esmeralda

• Adult Crowd Pleaser Cosplay
Winner: Chelsea Sheppard Harley Quinn
– Winner: Ethan Litkowski The Joker
– Runner Up: The Denyer Family

• Adult Most Impressive Cosplay
– Special Mention: Walter Bolitho John ‘Soap’ MacTavish
– Special Mention: Chris Bierman Green Arrow
– Special Mention: Mark Niven Captain America

• Kids Best Dressed Cosplay
– Winner: Stirling Denyer Baron Samedi
– Runner-Up: Alyssa Pardo Harley Quinn
– Runner-Up: Jessica Pardo Princess Bubblegum


Seeing cosplayers dressed in their finest is one of the main reasons people go to pop culture events. Unfortunately many of these events sting cosplayers money to enter the venue and even more money to enter the cosplay competitions. Well not ComiXpo! At each of our events we offer a free cosplay fashion parade with certificates and prizes for each category along with a special cosplay only area where you can chill out and talk-the-talk. To us, cosplayers are part of the show, so why should you pay to participate?

During ComiXpo 5.0 we will be opening a special section for cosplayers and all those interested in the art of dressing up. The area will be located to the left of the main entrance and throughout the day it will feature a central and safe place for you to meet and greet; engage with discussion groups; and learn the tricks and tips of being part of the ComiXpo Cosplay Group. A timetable of what’s planned will be released just prior to the event and announced on Facebook.

The ComiXpo Cosplay Group was formed to attract and promote like minded cosplayers keen to mingle in a community of like-minded individuals willing to share tips and secrets while gaining respect and understanding from the wider pop culture society. We’re planning some big cosplay events so if you’re interested in joining in please register your interest via the ComiXpo Cosplay Group Facebook page where you can also share your thoughts and photos with our ever expanding cosplay family.