Austrek is the oldest Star Trek fan club in Australia, and the second oldest Star Trek fan club in the world. They are a club dedicated to their members and to the ideals of Star Trek, and they hold regular meetings, away missions, social get-togethers, and charity fundraisers. People often ask, ‘Why is Star Trek so popular?’ Austrek  believe the positive vision of the future each episode envisages is the answer. Gene Roddenberry’s vision of all mankind working together in a great quest for  knowledge sets the theme for each show and gives all the peoples of planet  Earth a goal to work towards.

Doctor Who Club of Victoria

Doctor Who Club of Victoria produce a newsletter Sonic Screwdriver, six times a year, and have meetings about that often too. Their members include a large demographic range from pre-schoolers to sixty-somethings, uni students to business owners, fanboys and fangirls, families, and every conceivable occupation and lifestyle. They’re even starting to have adult members who were brought to the Club as children … and are now bringing their own!

Melbourne Star Trek Club

The USS Yarra was established on the 5th of July 2014. The group started off being a shuttle affiliated with the chapter in Sydney (USS Tydirium) and have now become the first full chapter to be established in Melbourne within Starfleet International. Their ship is a family-friendly, cosplaying (Starfleet uniforms and other costumes from Trekverse), role playing (Starfleet ranks) and a general meeting group that meets every one to two months. Members of the Melbourne Star Trek Club come from all walks of life, and engage in activities such as away missions, meeting up, having a good chat, comparing Trek goodies, organising charities, and watching movies. They welcome members from all walks of life while endeavouring to keep the vision of Gene Roddenberry’s ‘Star Trek’ alive for all next generations.

Nerd Addicts Mercenaries

The Nerd Addicts Mercenaries were founded 2013. They are an Australian based cosplay group themed in military, mercenary, and zombie survival cosplays, costumes, or other themed genres. Nerd Addicts Mercenaries are a not-for-profit based (crowdfunded) group who work within the community to provide fun and promotions to events as requested.

New Melbourne Browncoats

The New Melbourne Browncoats is the group for fans of Joss Whedon’s television series Firefly and movie Serenity, and other projects involving cast and crew of the ‘Whedonverse’. We’ve been active in Australia since 2005 as members of Browncoats Downunder and Serenity Oz, and later as Melbourne Browncoats. In 2011, we reformed as New Melbourne Browncoats Inc. Their aims are simple – we love doing good works, and spending time with fellow Whedonverse fans. They invite you to poke around their site, check out photos of their past activities and learn about what they’re up to next. And if you find you want more, why not join them? This is an all inclusive group. Just come along to events which take your fancy, join us on social media, and meet some of the wonderful folk that make up Melbourne’s Browncoat community.

Star Walking Inc.

Star Walking Inc. is the world’s longest running Star Wars Fan Club, and to think it all started in Melbourne. Star Walking Inc. boasts a long and proud history, and there is still lots more to come as the Star Wars saga looks forward into the future. This will pave the way for Star Walking Inc. to do what it does best: provide a central outlet for all Star Wars fans to share their love of the Star Wars universe on common ground for many, many years to come. Indeed, the Force is strong with Star Walking Inc.

USS Southern Cross

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, has been represented in Region 11 almost continually since 1982. As their region encompasses such a vast geographical area (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and East Indies), it is not always easy to create and establish meeting chapters, where members can regularly meet face-to-face. The USS Southern Cross thus arose from the desire of a few motivated individuals to create lasting friendships with others sharing their similar love of both Star Trek and science fiction in general. Due to the tyranny of distance, many of our members have been isolated from those groups in the Region who are localised and able to meet regularly; accordingly, our Chapter has had a strong focus on taking advantage of the accessibility of technology to allow all individuals to come together and promote the interests we so enjoy. The intention of our club is to offer a wide-ranging series of online activities that may include fiction journalism, internet workshops, regular internet chat, indulgence in sci fi and fantasy fandom—and perhaps even a bit of fun! Join us and come for the ride on the best ship in the Fleet.