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Andre Elhay Photography

Our official event photographer is André Elhay Photography. You can view his handiwork across the ComiXpo web site. When asked about the art of photography Andre tells us, ‘Whenever possible, I shoot on medium format film or if it’s going to be fast furious, 35mm film is the way to go. It is always amazing. You’ll find I’m constantly looking for light. The way it falls on a subject, the way it shapes a face – it’s not something I can switch off. I’ve been told I live in the wrong decade. I should have been alive in the 1950s and 60s, hanging out in jazz clubs, shooting film and living large. Maybe it’s why I do what I do.’


Austrek is the oldest Star Trek fan club in Australia, and the second oldest Star Trek fan club in the world. They are a club dedicated to their members and to the ideals of Star Trek, and they hold regular meetings, away missions, social get-togethers, and charity fundraisers. People often ask, ‘Why is Star Trek so popular?’ Austrek  believe the positive vision of the future each episode envisages is the answer. Gene Roddenberry’s vision of all mankind working together in a great quest for  knowledge sets the theme for each show and gives all the peoples of planet  Earth a goal to work towards.

Comicon Adventures

Comicon Adventures is your definitive source for everything comicon! Bringing you the most up to date event listings for comicons worldwide. Comicon Adventures will also help you organize, promote, market and advertise your very own convention. Contact them today to see how they can help increase your attendance and save you money!

Comics ‘R’ Us

Established in iconic Chapel Street in 1992, Comics ‘R’ US is a Melbourne based comic store. They pride ourselves on their knowledge, customer service, and extensive range of all things comic related, including back issues dating from the 1960s. You can find them at 114 Chapel Street, Windsor and Level 1, 220 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Their on-line store features a selection of comics and related products from their extensive inventory, both vintage and modern. All comic books are posted individually bagged and boarded to ensure they are protected during the shipping process. The items on their shopping site will be constantly changing with more products added every week, so enjoy browsing and happy collecting! 

Convict Comics

Convict Comics is an independent Australian comic publisher with a global outlook. Their mission is to empower comic creators from all over the world, giving them a platform from which to share and promote their work and engage with the comics community. Convict Comics are interested in collaborating with other creators, publishers, and distributors, and would love to hear from you! Please send an e-mail to enquiries@convictcomics.com or visit them at www.ConvictComics.com.

DJ First

Everything goes better with a soundtrack, including ComiXpo. All our pop culture events feature the musical talents of DJ First spinning the hits from your favourite television and movie themes as well as select songs featured in countless science fiction and fantasy motion pictures, animations, and mini-series.

Doctor Who Club of Victoria

Doctor Who Club of Victoria produce a newsletter Sonic Screwdriver, six times a year, and have meetings about that often too. Their members include a large demographic range from pre-schoolers to sixty-somethings, uni students to business owners, fanboys and fangirls, families, and every conceivable occupation and lifestyle. They’re even starting to have adult members who were brought to the Club as children … and are now bringing their own!

Geek Events Australia

Geek Events Australia is your guide to every geeky event, meet and convention across Australia and New Zealand. The word ‘geek’ is a malleable term that encompasses a variety of interests including (but certainly not limited to) films, comics, animation, costuming, cosplay, books, technology, video games, role playing games, larp, music, art, science fiction, steampunk, cyberpunk, furries, anime, writing, robotics, and programming. To paraphrase The Matrix: no one needs to tell you’re a geek – you just know it, through and through. Their events page is something to behold – or if Twitter or Facebook is more to your style, they also feed all of their event postings there.

Melbourne Star Trek Club

The USS Yarra was established on the 5th of July 2014. The group started off being a shuttle affiliated with the chapter in Sydney (USS Tydirium) and have now become the first full chapter to be established in Melbourne within Starfleet International. Their ship is a family-friendly, cosplaying (Starfleet uniforms and other costumes from Trekverse), role playing (Starfleet ranks) and a general meeting group that meets every one to two months. Members of the Melbourne Star Trek Club come from all walks of life, and engage in activities such as away missions, meeting up, having a good chat, comparing Trek goodies, organising charities, and watching movies. They welcome members from all walks of life while endeavouring to keep the vision of Gene Roddenberry’s ‘Star Trek’ alive for all next generations.

Nerd Addicts Mercenaries

The Nerd Addicts Mercenaries were founded 2013. They are an Australian based cosplay group themed in military, mercenary, and zombie survival cosplays, costumes, or other themed genres. Nerd Addicts Mercenaries are a not-for-profit based (crowdfunded) group who work within the community to provide fun and promotions to events as requested.

Quackpot Media

Quackpot Media is a group of like-minded creative individuals looking to make a difference in the world of professional film. Everyone who works at Quackpot Media was born with a penchant and passion for telling great stories. Headed primarily by Emma and Liam, Quackpot Media produces stunning video and photographic content to a cinematic level and polish. The team comprise of film professionals, pro photographers, audio engineers, musicians, designers, and even a qualified chef. 

Southeast Cosplay Society

The Southeast Cosplay Society is a non for profit organization that loves to bring excitement and happiness to its community through locally based events. The Southeast Cosplay Society was formed as an extension of the Geelong cosplay society. They pride themselves on their community and those in need.

Star Walking Inc.

Star Walking Inc. is the world’s longest running Star Wars Fan Club, and to think it all started in Melbourne. Star Walking Inc. boasts a long and proud history, and there is still lots more to come as the Star Wars saga looks forward into the future. This will pave the way for Star Walking Inc. to do what it does best: provide a central outlet for all Star Wars fans to share their love of the Star Wars universe on common ground for many, many years to come. Indeed, the Force is strong with Star Walking Inc.