Sunday 4 March 2018
10am to 4pm
Matthew Flinders Hotel
667 Warrigal Road
Victoria 3148

From 10:00am (9:30am for VIPs) There was plenty of bargains to be had as all stallholders were open for business. We had over seventy tables selling a wide range of pop culture collectables including comics, action figures, cosplay gear, retro games, toys, dolls, merchandise, memorabilia, clothing, and much more. There was also stalls promoting Victoria’s biggest fan clubs including Pokémon, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, and Doctor Who.

12:30pm to 1:30pm We staged our ComiXpo 5.0 Fashion Parade competition which featured guest judges Iris Tang (Groot), Daniel Oliver (Sub Zero), and Trent Bainbridge (Spider-Man) from the Southeast Cosplay Society. It was open to adults, teenagers, and children with plenty of categories and prizes and certificates for the winners and runners-up. Our cosplay category winners were:

• Adult Master of Cosplay
– Winner: Adam Bovalino Green Jean (Dalek)
– Runner Up: Mikey Major John Hancock (Fallout 4)
– Special Mention: Jennifer Moraitis Armoured Squirtle
– Special Mention: Teresa Lockhart Femme Predator

• Adult Best Novice Cosplay
– Winner: Geneveive Zatanna
– Runner Up: Josh Bateman Matt Murdock
– Special Mention: Ashley Turner Starlord
– Special Mention: Angela Arlotta Captain Marvel

• Adult Crowd Pleaser Cosplay
Winner: Pat, Jenny, and Kellie Hogwarts Professors
– Runner Up: Steve Campbell Raphael (TMNT)

• Teens Best Dressed Cosplay
– Winner: Carly Wamsteker Nidalee (League of Legends)
– Runner-Up: Kaitlin Hayward Nightwing
– Special Mention: Chelsea Death (Sandman)

• Kids Best Dressed Cosplay
– Winner: Harvey Mitchell Kylo Ren
– Runner-Up: Logan Robin (Teen Titans)
– Special Mention: Lucy Pearson Weeping Angel
– Special Mention: Charlie Pearson BB-8