ComiXpo 2.0

November Event Banner

Tuesday 1st November 2016
10am to 5pm
Matthew Flinders Hotel
667 Warrigal Road
Victoria 3148

From 10:00am There was plenty of bargains to be had as all stallholders were open for business. We had over fifty-five tables selling a wide range of pop culture collectables including comics, action figures, cosplay gear, retro games, toys, dolls, merchandise, memorabilia, clothing, and much more. There was also stalls promoting Victoria’s biggest fan clubs including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who.

12:00pm to 1:00pm We staged our inaugural ComiXpo 2.0 Fashion Parade competition which was hosted by Bambi L’Amour. It was open to adults and children with plenty of categories, prizes and certificates for the winners and runners-up. Our cosplay category winners were:

• Winner: Sean Atk Master of Cosplay (for the more complex cosplay)
• Winner: Natalie Parham Best Novice Cosplay (for first timers and rookies)
• Winner: Chelsea Sheppard and Ethan Litkowski Crowd Pleaser Cosplay (best response from the audience)

• Winner: Stirling Denyer Best Dressed Cosplay (ages 0 to 12)

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