If you want to work like a slave this ISN’T the place for you. We’ve seen too many comic-cons con their volunteers into completing tasks that should be paid work. When you volunteer for ComiXpo it’s on your terms.

We want you to have fun, meet like minded people, and get in behind the scenes to see how things tick. You become one of us for the day – you get the lanyard, the free entry, the free refreshments, and help out where it suits you. What a crazy idea – volunteers doing what they like. If this seems like something you want to be part of then fill in the form on this page (let us know what you’d like to do and any experience you may have), hit send, and we’ll be in touch!

The Fine Print

Please note, due to legal requirements applicants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to volunteer at a ComiXpo event. We will do our best to assign you to an area that interests you so listing your interests and any prior experience on the form above will help us assign you to a position that is best suited to you. We ask that you remain professional and polite at all times when you are on duty, and at all other times when you can be identified as a member of the ComiXpo team. Make sure you wear your ID lanyard so you can be easily identifiable as a member of the ComiXpo staff at all times while on your scheduled shift. And, most importantly of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!