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Tuesday 1 November 2022
Melbourne Cup day
10:00AM TO 4:00PM

9:00am: V.I.P. Patrons Doors Open

  • Here’s your chance to grab a bargain and chat with the stallholders one hour before the main crowd arrives!

10:00am: General Admittance Doors Open

  • Purchase a range of pop culture items from over 60+ Stall Holders
  • Visit the Imaginarium Entertainment table and sign up for the Cosplay Fashion Parades for a gold coin donation
  • Explore the impressive Fan Club section and talk the talk with their members
  • Grab a photo with your favourite costumed hero – there are plenty of cosplayers to choose from!
  • Food and Drink are available all day in the bar area
  • Support our official charity partner Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA)

11:00am: Cosplay Workshop/Discussion

  • Panel hosted by Cassidy Mercer, founder of PuffyPalace and PuffyPalace Cosplay Cosmetics
  • Cosplayers can get their photo professionally taken by Pics by Peter for free during ComiXpo 10

12:30pm: Cosplay Fashion Parades

  • Kids Category (each entry receives a Participation Certificate)
  • Teen Category (Encouragement Awards; Best in Show)
  • Novice Category (Encouragement Awards)
  • Intermediate Category (Needlework; Armour/FX; Best in Show)
  • Judges Awards where applicable
  • With Special Guest Judges from Imaginarium Entertainment

4:00pm: Close of Business

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in today’s event and look forward to seeing you all at ComiXpo 11.

Images by Pics X Peter

facebook: Picsxpeter  instagram: picsxpeter  twitter: PicsXPeter1

Imaginarium Entertainment is an organisation that aims to bring magic and fun into children’s lives. We work with multiple charities, including Friend in Me, Variety, Kidsflix and more. We do charity, and volunteer events, as well as virtual calls with each encounter aiming to give the children, involved a special memory to support them through the various challenges in their lives. Each of our members volunteers their time by attending these events, and when they are around children, they become their character to ensure that each child has a magical experience.

Imaginarium Representative

I have been cosplaying for 6 years and working with charities as a costumed character for 5 years. I first found cosplay through friends and cousins, where we could share our love for characters we connected with. I create many of my outfits and have even designed some of my cosplays that I believe represent the characters I love. This allows me to show my creative side and have an outlet for some of my more outlandish ideas. I also found through volunteering with Imaginarium and other charities the joy that cosplay can bring to children, giving them a little bit of magic when they need it. I have been working with Imaginarium for 4 years, assisting with organising fundraisers and volunteering at events. I have attended Comixpo for 4 years now with Imaginarium running a table helping them raise funds and awareness for charities that are doing everything they can to help others. This will be my 4th Comixpo running things behind the scenes for Imaginarium.

MC Competition and Parade
Instagram: madeup.and.marauding

I’ve been cosplaying for however many years, but I have been specialising in cosplaying for charity events for 5 years. I’ve done events with the Good Friday Appeal, Variety Kids, IMAX, Village Cinemas and (our favourite) Friend in Me. Most of my recent cosplays have been Disney or superheroes for the kids. That being said, I can’t resist going a little bit over the top. As an SFX makeup artist and body painter, it’s always fun flexing those skills for cosplay. Plus, if you haven’t been threatened while dressed as Tony Stark holding a jar of Spiderman’s ashes, have you really cosplayed Tony Stark holding a jar of Spiderman’s ashes?

Meet the imaginarium cosplay judges


I started cosplay in 2014, with my first con being the EB Expo. I had previously attended this con casually, but my motivation to start cosplay was purely that the cosplayers at these events seemed to be enjoying the con on an entirely different level from everyone else. I have done 9 different cosplays. In order of when I did them have been: Bane, The Goon, Deadpool, General Zod, Viking Super Mario, Thanos, Professor Xavier, Venom and Dr Doom.
Doom and Mario were made from scratch and designed by me with inspiration from several sources. The cosplays I have altered and improved on from base suits are Bane, Thanos, Venom and Professor X (the chair). I have gained innumerable joyful experiences from cosplay, made more friends than in any other social activity I have ever done and have enjoyed having a creative outlet with unlimited possibilities. I have gained complete confidence in my quirky, nerdy nature and much more.

Instagram: AhriBelle

I’ve been cosplaying for around 8 years and was initially drawn to it at conventions where the idea of just being able to become my favourite character excited me. I’ve been continuing in this vein ever since, mostly specialising in characters I have a strong emotional connection to. Seeing myself in them encouraged me to grow, and the incredible friends I’ve made helped that confidence. Cosplay gives my artistic side an outlet, so I tend to make most of my builds and get very invested in detail. I’m a bit of an all-rounder. I prefer sewing and worbla, but I also dabble in foam and leatherwork. I’ve recently started shifting into more fantasy-inspired original designs, which has been a great new challenge. Some of my favourites have been Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon 2), Merida (Brave), Lagertha (Vikings), Odette (The Swan Princess), and Achilles (Hades).

Instagram: grannyflatproductions

I have been ‘officially’ Cosplaying for 10 years after my friends shoved me into a cheap Assassin’s Creed outfit and dragged me along to Supanova. I’ve been obsessed ever since. Before moving into my own space, I used my parents’ Granny Flat as a workshop, so the handle “Granny Flat Productions” was born. I started experimenting with Foamsmithing and have been making props, armour, and giant weapons ever since. I aim to make most of my cosplays by hand and aim for an even mix of accuracy and creativity. I have cosplayed as Aragorn (Lord of the Rings), Green Arrow (Arrow), Klaus (Umbrella Academy), Qrow (RWBY), Noble 6 (Halo Reach), Tucker (Red vs Blue), Alex Mercer ([PROTOTYPE]), Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite), Darth Revan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic), and Miles (Guns Akimbo). I love working with my hands and tinkering, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I became a cosplayer. Cosplay to me, is about having fun, trying new things, and taking risks. It is incredibly freeing and empowering to put on a cosplay I’ve made and walk a con floor in confidence. The friends I have made through cosplay are some I will keep for life, all because we met through this crazy hobby we’re so passionate about.